There is an incredible wealth of information available online, covering in great depth all that is known about early California. Many of the resources listed below offer their collections online, and all of them have been a tremendous aid in researching the various components depicted in the paintings on this site.

The Bancroft Library

California Historical Society

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

George Eastman House

The Huntington Library

Library of Congress

New York Public Library

San Francisco Historical Society

San Francisco Public Library History Center

Society of California Pioneers

Virtual Museum of San Francisco



In addition to the great resources provided by the institutions listed here, special thanks goes out to the following individuals who've been of tremendous assistance to this body of work:

John Annesley
Peter Borges
Steve Crandall
Liz and Kathleen Digrande
Joe Draegert
Peggy Greening
Chris and Tom Jepson
Isabelle Lemon
Kate Skogen
Anthony Watson
Melissa Whitener
Frank Zimmerman Sr.

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